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Caledonian TV is a boutique, family-owned, business video production company based near Edinburgh. The programmes we make are for a select, budget-sensitive business clientele with a particular emphasis on ambitious startups, microbusiness, SME, entrepreneur, public and third-Sector clients. - People who mean business and are really serious about what they do.

Caledonian TV was founded and is still run by an ITV-Trained Cameraman who was, for over a dozen years, also a Lecturer in Television and Multimedia Production at Glasgow's legendary Stow College MCI department. - A genuine expert and master of his craft.

Inexpensive, approachable and down to earth, we are however corporate video specialists - genuine, trained, qualified broadcast professionals with decades of experience; never to be confused with 'Videographers' or other 'semi-pro' types!

In these times of challenge and austerity, Caledonian TV is proud to specialise in meeting the needs of clients with very restricted budgets. Our primary aim is to place high quality Blue-Chip level Corporate Vision firmly in the hands of SMALL businesses! - Which we believe to be the real lifeblood of the economy. The approach we take is therefore based on a simple, real-world pragmatism... No gimmicks, no nonsense, just experienced professionals doing a great job at a decent price.

Originally founded in August 1986 as Clydeside TV, we began using the trade name Caledonian TV in October 1987 when rapid growth started to take us way beyond Glasgow and the banks of the Clyde. The business was first started from within the Red Road Flats, which stood on the grounds of the old Caledonian Railway's Balornock yards, and shortly afterwards moved to industrial premises just off Petershill Road, within a stone's throw of St Rollox works - or "The Caley" as it's better known. Proud of a heritage belonging to both district and family, we named the firm to celebrate its solid working-class roots. We've been through a great many changes over the past 31 years, travelled many miles around the globe and produced many programmes for a very wide range of clients ranging from Police forces to Plumbers. Having previously stratified the business through the use of various brands, in January 2012 we began the process of unifying all of our production interests back under single-family ownership, merging all of our corporate and business video production activities under the Caledonian TV brand.

Caledonian TV only makes video for business... We will make your programme in the same way broadcast television programmes are made using production management techniques developed over nearly forty years in the UK TV industry. - As serious, legitimate professionals, we just don't 'do' wedding videos or the like, and should never be confused with mere 'videographers'. - We do far more than just take pictures that move! What we offer is a fully project-managed script-to-screen service that fully manages the risks involved in having a video produced, and provides you with an end-product in which your interests are fully protected.

With one of the longest-established business video producers in Scotland at the helm, we can legitimately claim to offer a truly professional corporate video production service - Inexpensive... Creative... Effective! And at a price that suits sole traders, small limited companies, charities and public service organisations equally well.

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We make our programmes using proper TV cameras, broadcast lighting and sound equipment - we won't just send round some kid with a DSLR!
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Our project management procedures are based on Prince-II principles, quality-assured and easily integrated into today's business environments.
We only employ crew who are specifically qualified in Broadcast TV and/or Film Production. - No 'Space Cadets' (former or otherwise) no 'Jack of all trades'. Anyone who works for us will have trained through the ITV/BBC system or via a British college or university. - Even our trainees are required as a minimum to hold an HND or be current students at a British university who have completed two successful years of study on a TV or Film related course. - No randoms!
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All our output is compatible with the AS-11 standards used in UK broadcast and is easily prepared for transmission as topical content. Anything we produce for you can be shown in commercial cinemas, sent out on DVD (PAL or NTSC as required) or put online via services such as YouTube, Vimeo or your own servers.
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As established specialists, we have no need to try and poach work from other creatives... We just don't need to pretend to be Web Designers, Graphics Artists or Advertising Agents in order to get work of any kind. And we're very happy to work in partnership and in confidence with other bona-fide creative agencies to allow the integration of high quality video production into their offering.
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SERVICE AREAS: Caledonian TV provides service primarily in the Scottish Central Belt, (Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Stirling, Perthshire, The Lothians and Edinburgh), The Borders, Northern Northumberland and Cumbria, Fife and the Southern and West Highlands. We do also serve the rest of Scotland and the UK with the notable exception of areas inside the London LEZ where, thanks to the policies of the London authorities, we regret it has become prohibitively expensive and complex to work. We sincerely apologise to the London-based crew we no longer hire, the accommodation providers we no longer stay with, and the London cafés, and restaurants we no longer eat in... And of course we apologise to the small businesses and charities of London that we are no longer able to assist.

AVAILABILITY: PLANNING IS CENTRAL TO OUR PROCESS! - We don't just 'turn up and shoot' So you should contact us early in your project! The sooner the better! Please note that there is generally a four-to-eight week lead time from when you first commission us until the date of your shoot. We currently have production (filming) slots available from early August 2017 and will be happy to place your programmes into immediate pre-production today.

PRICE GUIDE: In all cases we work to minimise your costs and will provide you with a bespoke production package. For guidance our inclusive rates for a complete programme start from £600 and average around the £2500 mark. We are delighted to discuss collaborative 'agency rates' with fellow creative professionals such as web designers, PR and advertising agencies, training organisations and design professionals. Agency rates are however by pre-commission agreement only.

BROADCAST ENQUIRIES: All our broadcast work - including newsgathering services - are now directed through our associate brand Pentland Films™. Please contact for further information.

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