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Last update - 25TH AUGUST 2021

Having actually experienced COVID-19, and survived it despite a debilitating chronic respiratory condition, the sole proprietor of this business is in no hurry to take silly chances!

This really hasn't been easy! - For the sake of safety we were forced to withdraw all mobile crews from service back in March 2020.  During the whole of the COVID Crisis we have received absolutely nothing by way of help or support to mitigate our losses. But then, in the 35 years we've been in business we never have received so much as a blind penny in cash nor kind by way of help or assistance from any agency, let alone the government!  So this is par for the course.

Despite this hardship - we won't now  be returning production crews to the road before Monday the 4th of OCTOBER 2021 AT THE VERY EARLIEST.  Pre-production activities such as planning and scripting as well as post production (editing, auditing graphics etc) are offered remotely AND WE ARE CURRENTLY OPEN to enquiries!  

The reasons for this are fairly simple - We simply have no confidence in the UK Government's handling of the COVID-19 crisis - particularly in relation to the game of 'Russian Roulette' which seems to be set in place for England.  Holyrood's behaviour isn't really much better. On the 24th of August Scotland returned record levels of new cases! - And we are very conscious that we are at the end of summer with the colder weather of a damp Autumn and Winter very close.

Our wider concern is that both the Scottish Government and that of the UK are playing more of a political game rather than putting public safety first. We don't trust them! And as keen as we all are to get back to work we value health and safety over politically motivated rhetoric.  - Our strong suspicion, based on the information we have from friends and operational partners, is that there may well be another wave in the Autumn and into the Winter of 2021/22...

We are fortunate in that the nature of our service usually means a minimum six-eight week lead time between first enquiry and filming...  And it's always been our advice that the sooner we start talking the better.  - So it's not too early now to be taking the first steps towards putting together programmes that will shoot in early 2022.  And almost-certainly by the time we get to shooting any programme planned today, we will have a much clearer idea of the 'state of play' regarding the virus, and hopefully be in a much-less restricted world.  For our part, we will be sticking strictly to the rules and regarding operational restrictions - and always seeking to achieve 'best practice' in infection control.

Please note that for the time being (and probably until late summer 2022) we will only be filming within a roughly 125 road-mile limit of Livingston, West Lothian, and will not be undertaking any work which requires an overnight stay.  - Additionally, we will NOT be operating at all in England. 

We're happy to engage with scripting and planning activities now. We also continue to (remotely) provide research, post production and audit services for broadcast clients.

All initial enquiries to admin@caledoniantv.com

Please include a brief outline of your requirements, and well get back to you as quickly as we possibly can.

Respectfully - we do ask those involved in Telesales and email marketing really not to waste our time or theirs!  We're always very happy to hear from potential production partners and relevant service providers - but we're utterly weary of the constant stream of calls from 'accident claims', telecoms, insurance etc.  - In particular, we have absolutely NO interest in buying ad space in any paid directory or publication - and NO interest whatsoever in 'business finance', BITCOIN or 'investment opportunities! - Nobody here is a mug!

Similarly - please DON'T contact us to offer to redesign the website...  If we do ever feel the need to revamp the site we'll be taking that business to a UK-based firm. Please note too that we could not care less about 'SEO' or 'Google Rank' and we don't want an App! 

Our main telephone number is staffed on an ad-hoc basis (by the production staff) supported by a 24-hour answer service. In practice, staff are generally available able to deal with telephone enquiries for well over 80% of the working week - please remember that this is a part of our cost-cutting strategy which is designed to keep the end cost to you, the client, down.  Bona-fide clients and partners are provided with an unpublished business mobile number for their assigned project manager as well as a direct email address for them.

Our office telephone number is;

0131 202 6230

Please note that due to persistent
crank callers this number REJECTS calls from withheld numbers.

This landlline number also REJECTS calls from text services!

Standard Office Hours are 10:00am - 4:00pm Mon-Fri excluding Scottish public holidays.  For security reasons, should your call go to voicemail we ask that you leave us a UK LANDLINE number (not a mobile) that we can contact you at.

 Location, Location, Location!.


Primarily, our services are aimed at Scottish businesses.  - The Caledonian Television Company™ is based on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the border with West Lothian, which gives us easy access to Livingston, the M8 corridor and Glasgow, the Clyde Coast and Dunbartonshire, the M9 towards Fife and Perth, the A1 South towards the Scottish Borders and of course the A71 which provides a fast link to Kilmarnock and Ayrshire.  Primarily, we seek to serve businesses in the Scottish Central Belt, West Coast , Dumbarton and the West Highlands, Stirling, Fife, Lothians, Borders and East Coast.

Please not that we have not offered any service inside the M25 for over a decade now due to restrictive transport policies in the London area.  As the direct result of the irresponsible way in which COVID-19 were lifted in July 2021, we don't feel it's likely to be safe to be sending crews to work 'over the border' before mid-2022.

The Caledonian Television Company™ is and seeks to remain a politically-neutral company.  Whilst we DO produce material for public service organisations and groups, we do not produce videos for politicians,  political parties, political organisations or political pressure groups of any kind, nor do we endorse them.  - Caledonian Television™ takes a particularly firm stance against racism, classism and sectarian bias - and all forms of bias in relation to legally protected characteristics and other birth/circumstantial characteristics.

The Caledonian Television Company
- also known as Caledonian TV and Caledonian Television - are trading styles used by the Scottish cameraman and television producer Matt Quinn, since October 1986 - these are now trade marks of The Caledonian Television Company Ltd and are used under exclusive licence.  - Whilst we do provide crew for newsgathering and independent broadcast production - we generally don't make complete broadcast programmes under the Caledonian TV™ name! 

Please note in particular that we do not hold the rights to any programme you may have seen on the BBC at any time! We are not and never have been involved in the production or promotion of Gaelic or Sports programmes. And unfortunately we really cannot assist you in tracing clips from or DVDs of any such programme!