The Caledonian Television Company

Getting in touch? - We don't actually bite but...

One of the main reasons we can offer our services at such low cost is our policy of eliminating cost-drivers that don't contribute to the final quality of your programme. - Ours is a 'no nonsense' service.

Please understand that one of the main overheads we've eliminated is a 'front of house' facility.   - Frankly, if we were to be 'holed up' posing in some city-centre man cave style 'loft office' complete with a 'free' bar, cupcakes and a shower of laptop-huddling Hipsters pretending to be global pirates; we'd be completely wasting your money!  We're 'game-changers' in the sense that we don't play daft games! 

While the pandemic made it mainstream; we first embraced remote working over 25 years ago in the days of ISDN and QuickCam.  Our operational strategy is now well-evolved over a quarter-century to minimise costs and the consumption of resources, while maximising security. 

Generally speaking the best way to make initial contact is by good old-fashioned email; during the working week we guarantee a response within 24 hours - normally much quicker.


SPAM POLICY. This website is deliberately kept fairly plain and basic for a good reason; we're not in competition with our legitimate colleagues working in web  design and coding!  - We're not remotely interested in having it redesigned, we do not require an 'app' nor are we remotely interested in 'SEO'.

We have absolutely NO requirement for a loan or 'business finance'... and if we ever did we'd go to the bank first; not some random working off a 'hotmail' address!   - Similarly, we do not outsource from the wretched sweatshops of Asia or dubious websites such as Fiverr or Upwork.  

- We receive upwards of a dozen spam emails like this every day; most are caught by our existing filters. 

- Those that do sneak through are immediately added to a global blacklist. 

CALLING US. - Our main telephone number is staffed on an ad-hoc basis (by production staff) supported by a 24-hour answer service. This arrangement has worked well for us for over 15 years now. In practice, someone is generally available able to deal with telephone enquiries for well over 80% of the working week. 

Where possible, a producer (who can sensibly answer most of your questions) will be happy to speak to you or call you back. - Again we guarantee a response within 24 hours during the working week.

Our office telephone number for production enquiries is;

0131 202 6230

Standard Office Hours are 10:00am - 4:00pm Mon-Fri excluding Scottish public holidays.  For security reasons, should your call go to voicemail we ask that you leave us a verifiable UK LANDLINE number (not a mobile) that we can contact you at.  

Nuisance call policy.   Respectfully, we generally ask tele-sales operators just not to call.; we simply don't have the time to deal with you. - If you have a legitimate product to promote, please forward details by post or email. - Blatant nonsense such as accident claims, tech support scams and the like just get blocked from our phone system!  - Nobody here is gullible enough to fall for that rubbish!

For data security reasons we do not use 'cloud' services (which are really just 'somebody else's computer) or messaging applications like WhatsApp We don't use FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter!  

 Location, Location, Location!.

Where we operate - Where we don't!

Primarily our services are aimed at Scottish businesses.   -The Caledonian Television Company™ is based on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the border with West Lothian, which gives us easy access to Livingston, the M8 corridor, the Clyde Coast and Dunbartonshire, the M9 towards the Perth and Dundee areas, the A1 South towards the Scottish Borders and of course the A71 which provides a fast link to Kilmarnock and Ayrshire. 

We mainly mainly seek to serve businesses in the Scottish Central Belt, West Coast, Dumbarton and the West Highlands, Stirling, Fife, Lothians, Borders and East Coast. - However, we do also routinely cover Northumbria, Cumbria and beyond; and are pleased to consider enquiries from almost-all other parts of the British Isles.  - Remote services (editing, graphics, scripting etc.) are of course available to all.

LEZ and Congestion/Charging zone policies.

These are fairly simple; we do not take any vehicle of any kind into any kind of congestion charging or low emissions zone whether the vehicle is 'compliant' or 'exempt' or not... This effectively means we just do not do business at all within LEZs or congestion charging zones; whether they are currently 'live' or 'enforced' or otherwise.  

LONDON and surrounding area; No service inside the M25 ring.

Over the past 20 years the London authorities have made it increasingly expensive and difficult to (legally) shoot almost anything in London on a commercial basis.  Consequently, over a decade ago, we decided that inner London had become a complete no-go zone - we withdrew all services from the area; and frankly we haven't looked back.  

The expansion of the ULEZ has made matters worse!  We now no longer even attend meetings, events or service exhibitions within the M25 ring.  - We don't hire or buy equipment or use facilities that would take us inside the area either.   - It's just not worth the hassle and as far as we're concerned London is now pretty-much closed for business.  


The Caledonian Television Company™ is and seeks to remain a politically-neutral company.  Whilst we DO produce material for public service organisations and groups, (public information films etc.) we do not produce videos for politicians,  political parties, political organisations or political pressure groups of any kind, nor do we endorse them. 

We do not deal with material which we consider to be of an obscene (so-called 'adult') or violent nature.  For the avoidance of doubt, this includes violent 'sports'.  We reserve the right to pass material we think may be unlawful directly to the relevant authorities. 

Caledonian Television™ takes a particularly firm stance against racism, classism and sectarian bias and indeed all forms of bias in relation to both legally protected characteristics and other birth/circumstantial characteristics.  However, we reserve the right to withhold service or simply 'not get involved' with any individual or group where in the personal opinion of our proprietors, it is not in our best interests to do so. 


We're happy to provide crew and production services for news gathering, documentary and special interest video both for broadcast and streaming purposes and have been involved in many such programmes over the past 43 years...  

However, The Caledonian Television Company™ is not now and never has been involved in the production or promotion of Gaelic or Sports programmes!  - We're not responsible for anything you might have seen on the BBC at any time in the past; and even where we may have provided crew and/or facilities for a programme, we are very unlikely to hold the intellectual property rights to it. 

Unfortunately we are unable to assist in tracing clips from commercial DVDs, VHS tapes or even broadcasts that we did not make or publish!   - You should contact the broadcasters or publishers directly.